May 1 - 7, 2011

Each workshop participant will have free use of Hasselblad Digital Solutions H4D camera systems, consisting of the H4D-31, H4D-40, H4D-50 and H4D-60 cameras and the complete line of HC lenses during the workshop. If you've never worked in medium format before, or even if you have, this is a wonderful opportunity to test state-of-the-art equipment at no cost to you.

Michael Grecco is one of the top professional photographers in the world, profiled in virtually every key photographic trade journal. Author of the bestselling: “Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Celebrity and Editorial Photography,” he is a favorite of the Hollywood elite, and his photographs frequently grace trend-defining magazines such as Wired, Time, Entertainment Weekly and Maxim. Named a Hasselblad Master in 2001, Grecco’s workshops and lectures on photography are wildly popular.

"The difference between an ordinary photograph and a truly striking image lies in the photographer's ability to pierce the obvious and reveal the intimate nature of the subject. Some of us are naturally inclined to relate to our subjects and bring them out of their protective "camera smiles" or everyday poses. Some aren't. The play of available angles, light and shadow, soft shapes and hard lines are tools to create not just a photo, but a work of art. In this workshop you will add these tools to your camera bag. You'll leave inspired, rejuvenated and skilled in bringing out both the truest, most human portrait of your subject, and the most elegant shape to the naked body. The class will work digitally in both studio settings and outdoors. We will work with strobes, and natural light, learning to control them to create a desired mood. We will alternate between discussion/demonstration, evaluation, and shoot time, with a major emphasis on the latter. Bring a portfolio of your work for viewing and discussion, your gear, and an open mind."

Michael works and lives in Santa Monica, California where he has recently completed his third book, "Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look At An X Rated Industry." You can read more about him on his website.

Workshop Tuition:  $1,500 plus $300 model and location fee. Maximum: 8 participants.

Mandatory Meal Plan: Michael will join us for all meals, making mealtime very much part of the workshop experience. The $300 meal plan includes a large, made-to-order breakfast, lunch and a fabulous three-course dinner each day, along with non-alcoholic beverages, all served in the award-winning Sunglow Cafe. Our menu offers several choices at each meal and a nice selection of Arizona wines. The cafe also has a full bar. Alcohol and taxes are extra.

Accommodations: Although not required we encourage workshop participants to stay with us at Sunglow Ranch in one of our twelve elegant casitas and enjoy all that the ranch has to offer. Double occupancy (with another workshop participant) is $650 for the six nights plus tax. Single occupancy is $860 plus tax.