with Alan M. Thornton
Fall, 2011

Photography is an amazing mixture of technical skills and creative talents. A great photograph results from the subjective combination of these two forces, as crafted by you, the photographer. The stronger your skill set and the more you’re willing to express your creativity, the better your photographs become. This workshop is for the amateur wishing to improve skills and unleash creativity to generate portraits and landscapes that are meaningfully better than your snapshots of the past.

Beyond the Snapshot will be a fun and creative workshop that will help build and develop a distinctive eye that is all your own. Through demonstrations and assignments we will participate in creative exercises to learn to view everyday things from different perspectives and to begin to appreciate the possibilities that every scene offers. We will also devote attention to basic shooting skills, including making sure you have a full understanding of every important function of your camera and how it influences exposure, depth of field, and other important properties of an image.

Our backdrop will be the mountains and desert of southeastern Arizona, providing us with dramatic landscapes, small border towns and colorful local people as subjects. Daily classroom critiques will also provide you with critical feedback and lead to further development of your creative eye as you venture out on the next day’s assignment. By the end of the workshop you will not only know how to make your images stronger, but you also will have expanded your distinctive eye and creative flare for imagery. You will no longer be satisfied with just a snapshot.

Although we generally require the use of a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) in other workshops, we are sympathetic to the convenience and ease-of-use that point-and-shoot cameras offer. Should you choose to bring one, please make sure that it is capable of shooting RAW images, and that both the aperture and shutter speed are accessible in some sort of manual mode. If you can’t determine if your camera shoots RAW and has a manual mode, please give us a call for guidance.

Alan M. Thornton has been an advertising, editorial, and fine-art photographer for 16 years, working with such clients as John Deere, Land Rover, Nike, Apple, Hewlett Packard, and TV Guide. His company’s current work involves classic and contemporary styled portrait illustrations for advertising and editorial clients that are captured in the studio, and on location. You can read more about Alan on his website,

Cost: Includes the workshop, 4 nights (shared) accommodation, three meals a day and gratuities: $1,625 plus tax (add $270 for single occupancy). Maximum: 8 participants. Location Fee: $90.